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Harvard MED
The Story Behind America's Premier Medical School and the Making of America's Doctors
Simply the best insider book on Med School!

Making of a Doctor

The Timeless Nova Classic

Do you really want to become a doctor? Before you travel down the path, be sure you know what you are getting yourself into! We'll talk about getting into medical school.

The College Years
Make the most of your college experience both academically and personally, as you prepare for the future, and make back-up plans.

Affectionately known as "The Guantlet", this ordeal separates many Pre-Meds from the "Pre-Dead!"

The Application, Letters of Recommendation, and Essays
The application has improved in recent years, going fully electronic, but there are a few good tips to keep you going, and to set yourself apart from the rest. Also some tips on getting the letters you need and on writing that winning essay.

Make sure you make a good impression, from start to finish when you meet the medical schools of your dreams.

   Admissions and Waitlist
So, you've applied and interviewed! Now what? How to deal with the post admission highs and the waitlist blues!

Pre Med Essentials
Medical School Admission Requirements 2004-05
Annual authorized guide features a detailed look at each medical school. Provides current data on the application process and deadlines, tuition and financial aid, requirements for entrance, selection factors, acceptance policies, curriculum, information for minorities, and general information about each school.
U.S. News Ultimate Guide To Medical Schools
Ordered alphabetically, this directory lists the admission information, costs and financial aid, student body statistics, academic programs, curriculum, faculty profile, support services, and residency choices for 141 medical schools in the U.S. The opening section offers advice on choosing the right style of school, assembling an application, financing an education, and considering other health professions.

Best 162 Medical Schools 2005 Edition

The Complete Book of Medical Schools gives you the facts about admission requirements and curriculum at the 126 U.S., 16 Canadian, and 3 Puerto Rican accredited allopathic schools and 19 accredited osteopathic schools. Plus, it provides all the practical information you need to apply:

The Complete Medical School Preparation and Admissions Guide
Quoted in Compton's Online Encyclopedia and used by thousands of students, counselors, and premedical advisors, the 3rd edition of Dr. Goliszek's popular book includes everything one needs to know about medical school preparation and successful admissions. Areas covered include medical and premedical curriculums, the MCAT, study and test-taking skills, medical school interview, minority admissions, extracurricular activities, financial aid, alternate health careers, high school preparation, medical school selectivity and national rankings, and much more.

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